33 Precious Pisces Tattoo Ideas For Pretty Women

Pisces Tattoo Ideas

Pisces women are magical beings. They have deep emotions and passionate souls. This is a woman with intuition, and insight. She is often artistic in nature, expressing her inner personality. It’s no wonder that she will seek a tattoo with meaning that is amazingly artistic and beautiful.

Pisces Tattoos for Women

Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign of the Zodiac, and covers birthdays from February 18 through March 20. It is a water sign, the same as Cancer and Scorpio. It is ruled by the planets Jupiter and Neptune.

Pisces women are deep romantics, and often cast a hypnotic spell upon their suitors. They are also generous givers, and embrace nature and spirituality.

Pisces tattoo designs for women are typically two fish in a circle, the pisces constellation, the pisces symbol, or some combination of these. Depending up the person, the size and style of the tattoo will vary based on her personality. In all cases though, the tattoo will reflect a deeper meaning.

Take a look at these Pisces zodiac tattoos and let us know what you think of them in the comment section.

Pisces Back Tattoos

Tattoos on the back are popular for Pisces women looking for larger tattoo designs. The back offers a natural blank canvas from which the tattoo artist can work. These tattoos can easily be covered which is important to Pisces women who want to control when and where they “let down their hair”.

Here are some Pisces Back Tattoos with meaning to get your ideas going.

Pisces Shoulder Tattoos

Pisces shoulder tattoos for women let you celebrate your astrological sign in a traditional location. Wear your Pisces tattoo as a badge of honor whether going to war, or to the boardroom. Need to go incognito for a bit, no problem, a shirt with sleeves will cover your tattoo until you are ready to unleash it.

For Scorpio women, side boob tattoos, typically the closer to the breast the tattoo is, the sexier it becomes. The design also plays a huge part, and that is where your individuality comes into play. You'll want something meaningful to you, as the design will be with you for a long time.

Pisces Arm Tattoos

Many women get smaller and mini tattoos on their arms. It's still readily visible to everyone, but doesn't necessarily take over the whole show. It's a happy medium for most.

Pisces Wrist Tattoos

The wrist and inner forearm Pisces tattoo is a popular location for your ink. It's there anytime you need to remind yourself to stay true to your birth sign. It's also where others can easily catch a glimpse of your zodiac sign.

Pisces Finger Tattoos

If you like mini tattoos for women and fall under the Pisces zodiac sign, take a look at getting a finger tattoo. They are small, sweet, and yet can be full of meaning to you.

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