25 Heavenly Ear Helix Tattoos to Hide and Reveal

helix tattoo

Helix tattoos are small tattoos that are placed on the helix, or outer rim, of the ear. Designs can range from simple black lines to complex colors that wrap to the ear itself. If you’re tired of the ordinary earrings, ear cuffs, and other ear piercings, take a look at a helix tattoo.

Ear Helix Tattoos

Helix line tattoos give the look of ring piercings with permanence. It’s a subtle yet contemporary statement. It can also be a safer way to introduce yourself to ear tattoos, to see how they feel. Feel the surprise as you talk to people when the eventually notice the artwork on your ear.

With vines, flowers, and botanical designs, you give yourself a permanent flower for your hair. You’ll get double-takes from people walking behind you as your heavenly helix tattoo catches their eye.

It is said that lions have black spots behind their ears to help followers to see them. Be a lion, or lioness, with your helix tattoo as you lead your pack through the crowded urban jungle.

Take a look at these heavenly helix tattoos and imagine how they would look on you.

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