37 Lasting Libra Tattoo Ideas For Luscious Ladies

Libra tattoo ideas

Check out our Libra tattoo ideas for women. Libra ladies are typically gentle, peaceful, and harmonious. By nature, they seek balance and are diplomatic and charming. Tattoos for Libra ladies are often artistic, delicate, and feminine. However there are always exceptions, and some Libra women challenge their stereotypes making their statements with a bold and strong zodiac tattoo.

Libra Tattoos for Women

Libra is the seventh astrological sign of the Zodiac, and covers birthdays from September 23 through October 22. It is an air sign, the same as Gemini and Aquarius. It is ruled by the planet Venus.

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Libra tattoo ideas and designs include the Libra scale or balance, the Libra symbol, the Libra constellation, or a mix of these elements. The size, style, and location of the tattoo will also play an important part of a meaningful tattoo. Some women are discreet and prefer small or mini Libra tattoos, where others prefer larger realistic or illustrative styles. 

Take a look at yourself, you personality, your culture, and the message you want to convey to others. Then take a look at our Libra tattoo ideas and determine what feels right to you personally. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below. Thanks!

Libra Wrist Tattoos

Libra tattoos on the wrist present a small canvas to give the world a glimpse into your personality. You can have a mini tattoo such as a small Libra symbol tattoo, or a tiny Libra constellation tattoo. You can also choose to have your tattoo on different sides of your wrist. The inner portion of your wrist is the most intimate. The outer portion of your wrist lets show people who you are without revealing who you truly are inside.

Libra Collarbone Tattoos

Libra collarbone, clavicle, and front of shoulder tattoos for females let you put your ink on display for everyone to see. That is, unless you want to cover it up with clothing. This may best fit women with free spirits or also secretly sensual women. The collarbone tattoo lets you balance your desire to show off with the necessity of covering up. An easy mix for a Libra.

Let's take look at some examples of collarbone tattoos.

Libra Shoulder Blade Tattoos

Libra shoulder blade tattoos for women offer an asymmetrical twist to a traditional upper back tattoo. These tattoos can be revealed with racer back and cross back fashions. That's something that isn't afforded to center balanced designs. It's a fun and flexible location on the back for Libra tattoos.

Come take a look at some examples:

Libra Back Tattoos

Libra ladies looking for a spot for large tattoo designs and a flat canvas often look toward back tattoos. Because of the location, the back tattoo is mostly visible to others and not so much to the owner. Being a Libra is all about balance, and the backside is so often neglected compared to the front. By adding a back tattoo, the Libra adds visual interest to her back to complement the front.

Here are some Libra Back Tattoos with meaning to get your ideas going.

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