51 Spectacular Small Tattoos by VivoTattoo

Collarbone Tattoos

For women, the collarbone is an enticing location for a tattoo. These tattoos can only be seen when a suitably revealing top is worn. A tattoo on the clavicle arouses curiosity and makes people wonder what other secrets you may have.

Have a peek at these collarbone tattoos by Vivo Tattoo.

Hip Tattoos

If you're looking for hip tattoos for women or pelvic tattoos for women, take inspiration from vivotattoo. Here you'll find some mini tattoos for your most intimate moments.

Would you want one of these private hip tattoos?

Side Tattoos

Vivotattoo has many side tattoo designs for women. These mini tattoos are meaningful and hidden from most people. But when revealed, they are impactful.

Would you like one of these side tattoos? Let us know in the comment section below.

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