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Cancer Wrist Tattoos

Women born under the cancer astrological sign often put their zodiac sign tattoo on their wrist. Perhaps this is because of their protective personality type. Their wrist tattoo is readily poised to flash their appearance when necessary.

Most common for women are simple designs such as the Cancer symbol. That can be dressed up with other design elements to add some individuality and interest as you shall see.

Have a peek as these Cancer zodiac wrist tattoos for women.


Cancer Finger Tattoos

Finger tattoos let you show off your mini tattoos with meaning. Simple Cancer symbols and designs work best as you only have a small place to work.

Let's check out these Cancer zodiac finger tattoos for women.


Cancer Behind the Ear Tattoos

For the introverted Cancer woman getting your first tattoo, look no further than behind your own ear. Tattoos in this location are super easy to hide, and fun to show off to the right person.

Here are a few behind the ear Cancer tattoos for women.


Cancer Ankle Tattoos

For females born under the sign of Cancer, the ankle is a conservative location for a zodiac tattoo. It's a spot that can be easily hidden. Even when exposed, it's way down low where people typically won't see it right away.

Have a look at these Cancer ankle tattoos for women.


Cancer Side Tattoos

The side of the body is a sensual location for a Cancer sign tattoo for females. These tattoos are typically going to be covered until you choose to show them. That makes their meaning more personal.

Would you consider getting any of these Cancer side tattoos for women?

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