Are Tattoos Attractive on Females?

attractive female tattoo

Yes, tattoos are attractive on females. A woman can enhance their looks with tasteful tattoos that matches her personality. Like well applied make-up, tattoos can accentuate a woman’s appearance.

That said, it’s also possible for a tattoo to be a nightmare for a woman’s looks. But as with anything, there needs to be a balance for aesthetics. Let’s explore this topic in more detail.

tattoos attractive on females
Female with Attractive Tattoos?

How do guys feel about women with tattoos?

Most guys love a tattoo that is done right. They like tattoos that are artistic and aesthetically pleasing and that has a special meaning or a memorable story attached to it. When a tattoo is done wrong, it makes a girl look worse, possibly significantly worse.

There are guys on both ends of the spectrum. Some guys hate tattoos. It doesn’t matter what the size, shape, design or location. Sometimes this is due to religious reasons, they believe all tattooing is immoral.

We do not own our bodies, we are merely shepherds. It is our responsibility to take care of our bodies and return them in the best condition possible without defacing them with tattoos.

hot chicks with tattoos
hot chicks with tattoos

Other guys think the more tattoos the merrier. That you cannot have enough tattoos. Case in point is a subreddit dedicated to hot chicks with tattoos (nsfw).

Tattoos are the ultimate expression of yourself on your body. It’s permanent and a snapshot of your life experiences at the time you get the tattoo. For better or worse, it is uniquely you, and that is what honest attraction is all about.

Typically though, guys fall in the middle. They love tasteful tattoos, but don’t like when it overtakes a girl’s natural beauty.

many female tattoos
Too much of a good thing?

I don’t mind a few well placed, quality tattoos. A friend of mine is absolutely stunning, but she just has so many tattoos littering her body that she is much less attractive because of it. A huge chest piece, both arms full sleeves, a huge tattoo on her side and legs, feet almost covered. Even her hands are covered. Now she just looks trashy.

Do guys avoid dating girls with tattoos?

No. Just 4% of men consider tattoos a deal-breaker for a relationship. They are typically ultra-conservative and / or religious such that they will not date women with tattoos. You must consider however, whether these are the types of guys that women would want to date. Most guys would not avoid dating a woman simply because she had a tattoo.

There have been studies that show women with tattoos, in general, have less formal education, smoke more, have lower self-esteem, and are prone to impulsive and risky behaviors. These studies are biased however. They don’t distinguish between the aesthetics.

If a woman, or man for that matter, gets themselves covered in all sorts of random tattoos, it’s reasonable to suggest there are some underlying issues. But what about something tasteful?

A greater percentage of guys are ruled by their own stereotypes. Some guys have the impression that women with tattoos are too free-spirited, too emotional, psychologically damaged. They believe that life with a woman with a tattoo equates to a relationship full of drama.

avoid woman with tattoos
Avoid women with tattoos?

A woman with tattoos has low impulse control. It’s a great precursor for a life filled with self-inflicted misery.”

Once again, you need to factor in the source. Are these the type of guys that women want to date?

Are men more attracted to women with tattoos?

Yes. Nearly half (46%) of men agree that an appropriate tattoo makes a woman more attractive. Of the remaining, most do not care one way or another. They feel there are much more important qualities of a woman to consider.

attractive woman with tattoos
attractive woman with tattoos

Studies show that women with tattoos are more fun and spontaneous. The are not as judgmental about a man’s education, physical appearance, and dreams. These are qualities that many men want in a woman and so they are naturally drawn to women with tattoos.

asian woman with tattoos

I find that women with tattoos are more easy going and easier to talk with. That makes them more exciting and attractive to me, even though I don’t have any tattoos myself.

At the same time, some men perceive women with tattoos to be more promiscuous and sexually receptive. This can lead these men to approach and initiate contact they believe there will be a greater chance of sex on the first date. This can lead to unwanted attention for women with tattoos.

date woman with tattoos
Are women with tattoos mysterious?

Some men are attracted to women with tattoos because they find them mysterious. This arouses the curiosity within them and they find such women interesting. It makes them wonder what to the tattoos mean, and what is the story behind them.

Why are female tattoos attractive?

Women get tattoos for various reasons. When a woman gets a meaningful tattoo with a beautiful design and location, it adds to their allure. Sometimes it makes them feel sexy, which makes them look more sexy. It makes them feel attractive and strong, and that feeling is the vibe that others perceive.

And that is the secret for being more attractive with tattoos. It comes from within yourself. How a woman feels about her own tattoo becomes how others feel. Tattoos attract those who can relate to the underlying meaning, the woman under the tattoo.

woman with tattoos
female tattoos with meaning

It’s not the tattoo that makes the woman attractive. It’s the woman under the tattoo.

Do you agree or disagree? Do you have your own thoughts about women with tattoos? Let us know about your experiences in the comment section below.

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  1. I do not understand why anyone would want a tattoo. To me it is disfiguring your body. I am yet to see an attractive tattoo. I only got my ears pierced when I was 45 because I could not find clip on earrings for very small ear lobes. I may appear old fashioned to some but I prefer natural beauty.

  2. THANK YOU Susan! I am not the slightest bit conservative nor religious, but I will never date a girl who has a tattoo. I have never in my entire life seen a “tasteful” one. Regardless of what it is or where it is, it doesn’t make a person more attractive; it only makes them uglier.

    I know a girl who has a gorgeous face, awesome body, great hair, and even a marvelous voice. Amazingly, she is very interested in me romantically too. I would marry her today if she didn’t have tattoos, but unfortunately she ruined the masterpiece. When you have the perfect Mona Lisa, you don’t go shooting a paintball gun at it and claiming it looks “better”. The only reason I’m on this site is because it was the first result when I searched for “why do attractive girls get tattoos”. Inferring that there’s something “wrong” with guys opposed to tattoos, the author asks “Are these the type of guys that women want to date?” Umm, YEAH, if they want a decent guy!

  3. This article has to be written by a female with tattoos. I’m a male with a large circle of male friends and none of them prefer a chick with tattoos over ones without. I’m no prude either, I have partied a lot. But women who get tattoos, if their goal is to get a long term partner, it will be more negative than positive in finding a man, don’t let feminist trick you ladies. They are the number 1 single demographic of tattooed women and number one demographic of single women

    1. Thank you for this comment. I feel like guys won’t date me because I do not have tattoos. Apparently the the men I am attracted to have them and I don’t. I don’t go after men with tattoos, they just happen to have them.

  4. Giirls are most attractive with no tattoos IMO.

    Tattoos to me are a turnoff especially when on arm legs neck, looks manly

  5. I’ve been married 40 years. Obviously I’m not in the dating demographic. I would probably never get a tattoo. And yes for religious reasons. And religion is the same reason I never cheated on my wife.

    My son has a tattoo. He thought I wouldn’t like it, but I didn’t care because it has meaning. My DIL has several, but they are not obvious. My daughter is a dermatologist and removes lots of tattoos.

    Religious people are ridiculed in today’s media. Some deserve it. Most are better people when they know there may be a judgment day when they pass.

  6. Tattoos, in my opinion, enhance a woman’s appearance, and one of the things I appreciate about temporary tattoos is that they can be removed if necessary.

  7. The reasons vary, but most of them credit their desire for being tattooed to attractiveness. And they are completely correct: it is stunning. I adore getting both regular tattoos and temporary tattoos. They are quite simple to apply. It lasts for days (until I remove it), and everyone thought I got a new tattoo. It appears to be authentic!

  8. Anyone capable of handling the truth about what men think about tattoos on women has easy access to it. Go to any porn site visited by heterosexual males. Us the “incognito mode” in your browser so that the site will show you it’s statistically most clicked on and viewed set of thumbnail links. What WILL become immediately obvious is that when men are choosing the women they look at they are NOT choosing women with tattoos

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